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For a fairer deal for Seniors in Health, Aged Care, Income and Housing.



Listen to Warwick on Radio 2GB about his candidature: https://tinyurl.com/y7rrrxa5

Warwick Stacey Colour

About Us

The Seniors United Party of Australia (SUPA) was formed and registered by a group of Sydney retirees who refuse to be pushed around any longer.

Our Policies

SUPA representing a better and fairer deal for all seniors; particularly self-funded retirees, superannuants, ex-service  personnel and pensioners.

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Any person who is registered under the Commonwealth Electoral Act, may apply for membership of Seniors United Party of Australia.

How Did Our NSW Senate Candidates Do In The 2016 Election?

- No.1 Senate candidate Gillian Evans came 26th out of 151 candidates - 

- The Party came 17th out of 41 parties -  


1. Gillian Evans

Gillian Evans is 60 and the #1 candidate for SUPA. She has an initial background in medicine, achieving Diploma of Nursing and Aged Care certifications. Gillian is committed to standing up and fighting for compassion, funding and tighter legislation in the Aged Care Sector.

2. Kerry Koliadis

Kerry describes himself as a “political activist”, and he has been fighting the good fight for many years. He is a guest speaker on 1665AM radio (2MM), a fervent letter writer to Politicians, a regular participant in talk-back radio and occasionally, he is the subject of newspaper articles.

3. Chris Osborne

Chris is our NSW Campaign Director. He is 63 and semi-retired and works casually in aged care. He comes from a professional background of 30 years in IT and has worked for State and Federal Governments, the NGO sector (Royal Blind Society) and had his own IT consulting business.

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